Transparency and Public Engagement

Increase transparency and public engagement of our entire Community:

Current Situation:

  • Local government should be a place where all local residents have a voice, where they feel they can make a difference.
  • Resident’s only have two chances a month to address their concerns to Common Council – and when they do, the public comment section is the last item on the agenda – residents often have to wait until 9:30PM to get the chance to speak.

What I will do:

  • I will hold weekly  “Coffees with Richard” – similar to the “Coffees with the Board of Ed” pioneered by former Board of Ed President Gloria Ron-Fornes.
  • These coffees will be an opportunity for residents to voice their concerns, hear what Council is doing for them, and to propose new projects and initiatives.
  • I’ll do the same thing online, using social media to engage all of Summit, bringing in a broader array of the community into the conversation.
  • I will ensure that all major public meeting notes are circulated in both English and Spanish.

My track record in Summit:

  • Through the Summit Free Market, the Scouts, and my work at City Hall, I have sought to expand ways that different members of our community to come together.
  • The Summit Free Market was a community collaboration across all age groups from student volunteers to partners at SAGE who received the proceeds from the sale of leftover items from our earlier Free Markets.
  • Any one who wants to volunteers, donate items, or pick them up is welcome to do so,  it is truly a community collaboration.

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