Residential Property Taxes


Generate more value from our Union County taxes

Current challenge:

  • Our county property taxes are far too high. We pay 10 percent of the county’s taxes despite accounting for only 3% of the County’s population.

What I will do:

  • We save more when we get services back from the County: 100 cents on the dollar, than when we ask the County to cut overall spending: 10 cents on the dollar.
  • I will work collaboratively with Union County to ensure more services are directed towards Summit.
  • I will propose an offset system in which the County can reimburse the City for City services conducted on County Property, another way to get 100 cents on the dollar.

My relevant experience:

  • I have advised numerous Fortune 500 clients on similar offsets/operational synergies while at McKinsey.
  • I will draw on that experience to find efficiencies that allow both Summit and the County to win.


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  • commented 2016-10-07 16:20:47 -0400
    Richard, your platform above, on which I assume you ran for council, says you will work collaboratively to “ensure more services are directed toward Summit.” If you are interested in garnering services for Summit, as I expect any elected official would be, why would you not support increasing services to our school children?
  • commented 2016-10-07 08:37:50 -0400
    I just read that you were the only Summit council person who abstained from supporting the “Fairness Formula for Equal School Funding”. If approved at the state level, the proposed new aid formula would give each and every student in NJ the same amount of state aid, $6,599 apiece, with the result that Summit schools, now receiving only $405 in state aid per student, would receive an increase of $25.6 million in state aid.

    Why did you withhold your support? Sure, this proposal alone is insufficient to address the many problems that must be faced in endeavoring to provide public school education in NJ. Yes, other adjustments in NJ public education are necessary, and that would be all the more true if the Fairness Formula were passed.

    Still, how does maintaining the status quo in NJ public education, which is clearly failing those most in need, move us forward?

    The NJ public education system is long overdue for a reset. As a starting point, what do you see wrong with having the state treat each and every student exactly the same? Has the current system, where some schools receive, I would guess, about $20,000 per child in state aid and other receive near $0, produced good results? The current system unfairly sends far more support to some schools than to others without delivering any measurable benefit. The current system system is not the solution.

    Your abstention from supporting the “Fairness Formula” is in no way a step forward in resolving problems with NJ public education. And how does your abstention square with your role as an advocate for Summit? What one other thing could you do that would have as much benefit for Summit as working to advance the “Fairness Formula for Equal School Funding”?

    Fair is fair. Support the “Fairness Formula”. And then find new, better ways to address the problem of failing NJ public schools.
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