Partnership with Our Schools

Foster greater collaboration between Common Council and the Board of Education

Current Situation:

  • Greater collaboration with Common Council and the Board of Ed will empower residents and give them a closer connection to one of our community’s greatest assets.
  • Summit is a Type I school district and the Mayor has the sole authority to appoint members to the Board of Education.
  • There are many advantages to such an approach including an ability to promote a diversity of thought, deliberation, and opinion on the Board, as well as a focus on the long-term future of Summit schools, rather than the next election.
  • However, it can create a layer of separation between the Community and the Board; Common Council can be the body to help foster that sense of connection.

Here is what I will do:

  • I will work to restore regular meetings between representatives from Common Council and the Board of Education.
  • I want to make sure residents feel a clear connection to the schools, and that schools continue to deliver on the potential and promise of Summit’s Children.
  • I want to continue to create ways for Summit students to give back to the community while building their skillset. One way to do that would be to find ways for City Hall to better partner with the WISE senior internship program at SHS.
  • I want to partner with the Board of Ed to hold community forums on important issues such as PARCC testing and All Day Kindergarten.

My track record in Summit:

  • I know how important our schools are to Summit; I know how much of an impact they have had on my life. I will work with the Board of Ed to ensure that our schools continue to deliver on the promise and potential of Summit’s Children.
  • I have also worked to create Service Learning opportunities for all students in Summit – both the Summit Free Market and the City Hall internship program are made possible by the work of enthusiastic students and I want to continue to create more opportunities for our students to serve.

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