Downtown Summit

Recruit and retain local businesses; build smart parking solutions to maintain a vibrant downtown; renew our Master Plan.

Current Challenge:

  • We have far too many empty storefronts in Summit Downtown. Recent departures include Penzey’s Spices, Nee Dell’s, the Luggage Center, and more.
  • Our Master Plan is more than 5 years out of date and we have spent over $200,000 in taxpayer money on Parking Studies in the past six years.

What we can do together:

  • Keep our Downtown vibrant by recruiting and retaining businesses from urban centers and neighboring communities.
  • Focus our efforts on renewing our Master Plan instead of the countless costly parking studies.
  • Consider how to utilize the Post Office Site when it is vacated by seeking input from residents, businesses, and the community-at-large.

 My relevant experience:

  • I have worked directly with the former U.S. Undersecretary for Transportation Policy on economic development topics; we focused on exploring different ways to attract different industries and develop jobs for a local government.
  • I am conversant in the language and regulations of City Planning. I held Certified Drafter accreditation from 2007-2011 and worked with the City Engineer's office from 2006-2009 on various community projects in Summit.
  • I served on the the Mayor-appointed Think Local First Committee for two years, working with small businesses to help strategize different ways to attract shoppers to our downtown.

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