Commuter Access

Current Situation:

  • Our current trans-Hudson tunnels manage 24 trains at peak hours and only six when closed for repairs or accidents. Even the most conservative of estimates add 15-30 minutes of delays each way, wiping out the value of Summit’s Midtown Direct service.

  • Five years ago, Governor Christie turned away $3B in federal funding and canceled a project that would have doubled tunnel capacity into New York.

What I will do:

  • As a councilman, I will stand for our community and leverage every resource at my disposal to shape this conversation. Both the Port Authority and Amtrak have put forth proposals that will rekindle the efforts to expand commuter access to New York. I will work to ensure that the interests of our community are well represented when these decisions are made.

  • I will be a leader who understand the needs of our community and who is positioned to proactively communicate with state and federal policymakers on these issues. 

My relevant experience:

  • I published a letter to the community highlighting the challenge at hand and met with commuters from 6AM to 9AM on a weekday morning. Our team handed out over 500 pieces of literature and held numerous conversations on the platform, by email, and through small follow-up gatherings.

  • I have worked closely with Tyler Duvall, a former US Undersecretary for Transportation Policy on a number of transportation funding and planning topics across several US states, including the greater NY metro area.

  • My academic research has focused on the economic development implications on public vs. privately funded transit planning.

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